Sweet Origami Heart Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Just in time for your Valentine's Day crafting sessions are two pretty cute paper folded origami heart tutorials that I want to share with you. There are also lots of ideas on how you can use these pretty origami designs once you've made them up.

Both of these projects are simple and fast to do. One is to make your own set of mini envelopes which you can use to hold some small love letters and the other is to make up some easy to fold hearts from paper.

One project is designed to be easy enough that kids can make it and is also particularly ideal to be made by someone who hasn't done any origami or paper folding before. The second is a little more challenging but creates more of a wow factor once done.

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Sweet Origami Heart Ideas to Make for Valentine’s Day and Other Romantic Occasions

black and pink paper heart design folded origami

➡️ Click Here to Visit this Easy Origami Paper Folding Heart Tutorial

The super easy to make Valentine paper hearts are simple projects that you can do with kids for crafting around this special occasion and for other romantic occasions too.

Both of these projects come with step-by-step instructions with photos that you can follow along to. Here's plenty of ideas on how to use these paper hearts once you've made some up.

1. Use Origami Hearts to Make Pretty Table Decor for Valentine's Day

Fold up some small versions of these hearts from pretty patterned papers. You can also make then from shiny square paper foils for some cool looking heart shaped confetti decoration for your table.

Crafty kids can easily help to make these as well as making additional table decor and confetti by using a cute themed heart punch to cut out lots of pretty paper shapes.

Origami Romantic Hearts: Lovely Designs for Lovely Moments (Origami Holiday) (Volume 3)Origami Romantic Hearts: Lovely Designs for Lovely Moments: Volume 3 (Origami Holiday)

2. Origami Hearts are Great as Gift Decor and Tags

Use these designs as a unique decoration on the front of a wrapped gift. Alternatively, they make a wonderful shaped gift tag. Simply punch a hole in the top of the heart and then thread some thin ribbon or cord through the hole to tie it or stick the tag to the gift.

3. Paper Hearts as Hanging Ornaments and Decorations

These pretty little designs are fun to make as hanging decorations which you can then choose to display on a special Valentine's tree, from your fireplace or mantel, a door, or the walls of your home.

Punch a couple of holes in the top of each folded shape and then place some string or cord through and tie to make a cute decoration. The hearts look good hung off balloons for parties when attached to the ends of some curling ribbon.

4. Folded Hearts as Place or Name Cards

Add names or, even better, some little photos of each person to the front of your folded design and use it as a cute place card on the table. You could even purchase some inexpensive place cards and then stick the origami hearts on to the front.

5. Love Themed Banners and Bunting

It's easy to make small banners from these paper designs because they have a couple of flaps folded over at the back which you can easily stick down with tape over a long piece of string or cord.

Homemade banners and bunting looks great across just one wall as an accent or all of the walls in a room. If you only have a short length of a banner to use, try hanging it across a door, window or fireplace instead.

6. Paper Hearts on Handmade Greeting Cards

Kids can make up some easy Valentine class cards for friends. Alternatively, you can make a card for your loved one just by mounting a folded heart on top of some pretty patterned paper stuck onto a gretting card blank.

Simple peel off stickers or a heart rubber stamp can be used to add in an appropriate sentiment for the greeting card too.

➡️ Find Some Sweet Valentine Sentiments for Cards Here

Pretty paper folded origami heart envelopes with unique heart front

➡️ Click Here for My Tutorial to Make These Folded Envelopes with Heart Fronts

This second, more challenging, project is to fold an envelope with a heart shaped front. It is still easy but a little more challenging because of the ribbon closure you need to add to it. It's the addition of this ribbon which really makes the finished piece look just a little more special.

You need paper that has a color or print pattern on one side and something different on the back. Normally, paper has plain white on the back although you can get double sided papers which are really nice with two different colors each side.

I used scrapbook paper for my hearts which was cut into a square shape. This is a great way to make a just because I love you handmade note.

Don't forget that an origami heart is a wonderful way to say I Love You to someone special in your life. That could be for anyone you cherish: kids, good friends, grandchildren, or anyone who really means something to you.

There are lots of fun and creative crafts that you can make for Valentine's Day and other related events such as weddings, anniversaries and engagements. I think this romantic themed occasion is a great opportunity to show people just how much you care.

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