Stitch Felt Hearts with Love

Felt hearts are so nice and easy to sew together and this year, well ahead of Valentine's Day, I made some small plush hearts which are hand sewn with ribbon loops on them so they can hang up as sweet little decorations.

You can use these small felt hearts to make scented drawer sachets, hanging ornaments or, alternatively why not hang several up on a garland across a wall or mantel.

I really loved the combination of the red felt and the fresh blue polka dot fabric on these. Stitching by hand is nice and easy to sit and do especially in the winter months but you can also stitch felt fabric with a machine if you prefer.

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➡️ Grab the Full Tutorial and Free Hearts Template to Make Your Own

I have a thing for blanket stitch and I like to use that around edges when I'm hand sewing with felt but you could use whatever stitch that you prefer to use. Sewing something with love means using all the methods and techniques that you enjoy to bring it all together.

With this particular tutorial, I made some small hanging decorations that you can use in the home as decor and even hang from a special Valentine Tree.

Having a tree for many Holiday celebrations is fast becoming very popular and I love the idea of a Valentine one. Alternatively, you could make something else with these felt creations such as:

  • Pop a scented dried flower sachet inside such as lavender to make pretty little handmade drawer scented sachets
  • Make bigger versions of these hearts and turn them into sweet little accent pillows
  • Add a clip onto the finished piece and create a cute bag clip to accessorize a favorite handbag
  • Sew onto a headband as sweet detail or make it into a hair clip or accessory
  • Hang these on small banners and garlands across a wall or mantel

Hearts are sweet to make for February 14th but also for other occasions such as Mother's Day where they will be greatly appreciated. Use a flatter version as the centerpiece for a handmade card. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit.

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