25 Cute Valentine Sentiments for Cards

Here's a poster set of 25 short and sweet Valentine's day quotations or sentiments ideal to use as captions on your Valentine cards, scrapbook pages and other romance themed craft projects.

If you're stuck on an idea for a theme to use for your crafting, some of these little Valentine verses and quotations should help to spark off your imagination. Add them as sentiments on cards and in other areas of your Valentine crafting.

The image below is ideal for you to share on your pinterest boards and other social media too. Enjoy adding these short and sweet sentiments to your love themed projects.

Valentine's Day Sentiments for Cards and Crafts

Enjoy this set of cute Valentine's Day quotations for cards. These short sentiments make ideal captions that you can add onto your homemade and hand crafted love cards.

Available in both a handy graphic that you can print off and use and also as a text list below. Come and get your short and sweet sentiments.

25 Cute Valentine Sentiments for Cards

25 Short Valentine Sentiments and Quotes for Cards

You give me butterflies

I love you S'more everyday

In your arms is my favorite place to be

You're Turtle-y awesome

Love is a circle without an end

My heart bee-longs to you!

You're so purr-fect for me

I love you Berry much

You're a Hoot and Owl love you, always

Valentine, you've hit a home run with me

You make my heart glow

I'm so sweet on you

You're my main squeeze

I want to spend the rest of my Day-sies with you

You simply drive me wild

Hello Tweet heart, happy Valentine's Day

You melt my heart like butter in a hot pan

I love you a hole punch!

You color my world

I would Knot be the same without you

You're hotter than a summer's day

You are my cup of tea

Maybe you're not a rock star but I think you rock

I'd spend all of my 9 lives with you

I Mustache you a question. Will you be my Valentine?

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