Star Wars Valentines Cards and Matching Love Puns to Use

This year, send Star Wars Valentines cards to your loved one so that you can conquer the galaxy together. As well as cards you can buy, I've also hunted down my favorite free printables on this theme as well as loads of short Star Wars love puns and quotes.

Impress your geeky other half this Valentine's day by sending unique Star Wars love cards to remind them that they are still the Obi-Wan for you. Add in the free, matching puns and quotes to make the card really special and out of this world.

You'll enjoy reading the fun geeky love puns on this page. You can add these short quotes and sentiments inside your cards to impress him or her with. Enjoy this trip down geeky lane.

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Star Wars Valentines Cards and Matching Love Puns and Quotes for You to Use

Star Wars Valentines Cards and Matching Love Puns and Quotes for You to Use

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  • Star Wars Valentines Cards to Buy Online
  • Free Printable Star Wars Valentines
  • Star Wars Love Puns and Short Quotes

1: Star Wars Valentines Cards to Buy Online

You're Worth a lot to Me Boba Fett with red roses design for Valentine's Day, Anniversary Star Wars Valentine card

Get this Star Wars Boba Fett Valentine's Day Card from

UK Readers get a Star Wars Valentine Card from

Boba Fett is one of the most recognized characters from the classic Star Wars movies. I love this design where this popular bounty hunter is holding up a bunch of red rose flowers. Who knew he could be romantic?

This card reads: You're worth a lot to me. Other cards in this series include Yoda all that I want, you'll always be my BB and you're BB GR-8. These are individual Star Wars cards ideal to send to your loved one. Here's some more I picked out below.
Words are overrated Valentine's day card Chewbacca Chewy Chewie Heart Star WarsYou'll Always Be My BB - BB-8 droid, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Star Wars Greeting CardYou are the droid I'm looking for, letterpress printed eco friendly r2-d2 droid star wars valentine cardStar wars greeting card with Yoda you are my yoda valentine
You'll notice that most of the cards feature the most popular Star Wars characters. These are mostly the old favorites such as R2-D2, Yoda, Han Solo and Chewbacca but BB-8 has many designs as well which is a tribute to just how popular this new droid from The Force Awakens is.

I love the R2-D2 droid design which features this blue and white robot on the front along with lots of mini red hearts and the wording, you are the droid I'm looking for.

Star Wars Valentine Exchange Cards for School and Friends

If you're looking for sets of Valentine cards with a Star Wars theme, Amazon have plenty of exchange card packs. These sets, which often come in sets of 16 or 32, are pretty ideal for kids to hand out to friends and teachers at school. They are also useful to buy and send out to your younger relatives.
Hallmark STAR WARS 32 Valentines Cards w/ Darth Vader Cover w/ Teacher Card, Stickers, and PosterValentines Day Cards 16 Pack - Star Wars Yoda By Paper MagicStar Wars Valentines with Pencils ~ 16 count ~ 1 boxStar Wars 32 Valentines with Teacher Card and Sticker Sheet.
Look out for a lot of Star Wars Valentines by Hallmark. Sometimes the packs come bundled with other items such as stickers, pens, posters and teacher cards as well. The Valentine exchange cards are normally quite small as you'd expect when purchasing larger sets.

Valentine Star Wars Cards from Etsy

Printable Digital Star Wars Valentines Day Cards Yoda Darth Vader

Buy this Digital Download for Star Wars Card Designs from InvitationCeleb on Etsy

Also ideal as exchange cards on this theme are these digital designs that you download and print yourself from InvitationCeleb on Etsy.

The set includes 4 different card designs featuring the classic droid R2D2, Yoda and Darth Vader. Print off as many of these as you need which makes it a great option for when you need multiple cards.

BB8 Valentines Card Green with Droid from Star Wars

Get this BB8 Star Wars Valentine Card from playerNo2 on Etsy

This card features unique gamer style pixel art to create the new BB8 droid with a heart motif. PlayerNo2 have lots of pixel art cards just ideal for geeks.

2: Free Printable Star Wars Valentines

Here's a cool selection of free printable Star Wars Valentines. I've searched the whole galaxy to come up with the best freebies. Click on the blue underlined links to visit the free cards listed below.

1: Have 6 Free Printable The Force Awakens Cards

There are some really cute designs here including favorite characters from The Force Awakens. Featuring Rey, BB-8, Chewy and Kylo Ren. Available from the official Star Wars site.

2: Set of 3 The Force Awakens Printables

The new characters, Finn, Rey and BB-8 feature on these cute designs.

3: Yoda Best Free Design PDF

A brilliant Master Yoda design free printable. Perfect if you love green.

4: Set of 6 Mini Valentine Designs with Classic Characters

This one features Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Yoda, R2-D2 droid, Princess Leia and Chewbacca. Could be good for classroom exchange cards.

5: Star Wars Valentine Printables with Favorite Characters

This is a set of 6 cartoon style Valentine cards by the artist and illustrator, James Stowe. Featuring Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan and more of your favorite characters.

6: Cartoon Cards with Fun Heart Captions

A set of 4 great cards that you print from one sheet and then cut out.

7: Star Wars Valentines with Cheesy Love Puns

A set of funny Star Wars printables from with some great love puns included.

3: Star Wars Love Puns. 45 Short Star Wars Valentine Quotes and Sentiments

If you're stuck for what to write inside your Star Wars Valentines cards, here's my favorite selection of short love puns to match.

The themed love puns can also be used for your own crafts, to add on to gift tags and other items. Enjoy these cheesy but fun romantic Star Wars sentiments.
  1. Yoda one for me
  2. You hold the WooKEY to my heart
  3. Our love will Endor!
  4. I'd give my right hand for you ...
  5. You R2 good to me
  6. My love for you will stay on target
  7. I love you SITH much
  8. Lost without CHEW
  9. Yoda Obi-Wan for me
  10. You EWOK my world
  11. I CHEW-se you
  12. Our love can rule the galaxy
  13. U R2 cute
  14. My valentine will you be?
  15. You are the droid I've been looking for
  16. I've been SOLO for too long. Will you be my valentine?
  17. Come to the heart side
  18. I am your destiny
  19. I love you. I know!
  20. Will you BB-8 my valentine
  21. Ken you be my only WAN?
  22. You're BB-great!
  23. I'm falling fur CHEW
  24. Call me, or call me not. There is no maybe
  25. YODA best
  26. You're out of this world
  27. I heard there was a bounty on your heart
  28. I love you more than Star Wars
  29. I want you to come over to the dark side
  30. You're a trooper
  31. You light-saber up my heart
  32. You make me HOTH and bothered
  33. I'd chase you across the galaxy
  34. I like you because you're a rebel and a scoundrel
  35. I REY-ly like you
  36. You're my REY of sunshine
  37. You send my heart into hyper space
  38. Without you, I'd be SOLO
  39. I find your lack of valentines disturbing
  40. You R2 sweet
  41. I love you to the DEATH STAR and back
  42. My heart's PALPATINE for you
  43. Nice buns, Princess
  44. You've been looking for love in ALDERAAN places
  45. The OBI WAN who matters on this special day
Did you love that big list? You can let me know which love puns you enjoyed the most in the comments section below.

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