Making Heart Shaped Cookies for a Valentine Treat

If you're stuck for some ideas for Valentine's Day (or another romantic occasion) then why not have a go at making up some heart shaped sugar cookies?

These are quick and easy to make and can make a lovely little homemade gift to hand out. Just pop in a container or a cello bag tied off with some colorful curling ribbon. 

I have a good resource page for making up these sweet treats which contains links to my own tutorials which can show you how to make a fun range of yummy edibles.

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Making Heart Shaped Cookies for Valentine's Day

Making Heart Shaped Cookies for a Valentine Treat

They're easy and quick to make, cost very little, look super-cute and make wonderful gifts too. You can make these up as some last minute edibles. They are fun to make and require very little in the way of equipment apart from needing a good heart cutter unless you want to cut them out by hand.

If you're really keen on making these but you don't have a cutter to hand that you can use, is there a suitable play doh cutter that you can beg or borrow? Some of these plastic cutters are great at cutting out cookie dough - so long as they're given a really good wash and clean first!

You could also draw or print a heart shape onto some cardboard, cut it out and use this as a template which you can lay on top of your cookie dough and cut around with a blunt knife.

The shape won't be quite as perfect as what a cutter would make but it's a great DIY solution and one that I've had to resort to on plenty of occasions where I've been making last minute designs.

See My Page on Heart Cookie Ideas and Inspiration Here

Kids very often love these as little treats too. My daughter was quite excited when I popped one into her school lunch bag as a treat. You gave me your heart, mommy, she beamed when I picked her up from school. Yep, not merely Valentine treats, these are sweet for all times.

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