Key to My Heart Craft Perler Bead Pattern

Not too long ago, I made a vintage style key out of colored fused beads for a milestone occasion. As I was making this design, it sparked off an idea for a Key to My Heart craft Perler bead pattern. I just had to run with this for Valentine's Day because it was just too cute to pass up on.

I decided to make this Key to my Heart design using my Perler fused beads. This is quite a sweet and romantic idea. I liked the idea of making these to present to my loved one on February 14th along with a sweet note. Here's how to make your own.

Although ideal to present this craft for Valentine's Day, you can also use it for other romantic occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and more. It's always good to let people know you love them. Use this sweet craft as a little reminder.

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You Hold the Key to My Heart Perler Bead Pattern Craft Tutorial

Materials and Tools You Will Need for this Key to My Heart Craft:

1. The first part of this project is to complete the Perler key tutorial which is outlined in detail for you just below with the link. This is my tutorial here on the CraftyMarie website.

➡️ Perler Bead Key Tutorial - Click Here to Make This Part First!

Perler Beads Gold BagHama 207-61 Bead (1000-Piece)

I made my key in different shades of gold color Perler beads but you could try silvers or something entirely different. You can get metallic Perler bead packs. Why not pick shades that you know the recipient will love.

2. The heart part of the project can be worked on a small or a large square fused bead pegboard. I used a shade of dark antiqued gold bead to create the outline of the heart.

Gold works particularly well with red and so I love to use those combinations for my Valentine crafting. You'll need 26 beads to work this outline and a grid space of 11 x 11 pegs.

3. Using 9 more beads in the same color as the outline, I've added in some detail inside the heart. Once finished it gives it a bit more of a flourish look to match up with the style of the key.

4. You need just 2 beads to add in a contrasting color inside the detailing on the interior of the heart.

Although they look light brown in the photo, these are actually a brighter gold color shade of Perler beads. The beads look a lot nicer for real.

5. This is the part I like since you're now just filling in color. Add a line of solid red beads around the inside of the heart shape.

Glitter Perler Beads Add a Different Look to the Project

Perler Bead Bag, Glitter MixHama Beads - 3000 Glitter Mix (Midi Beads)

In the next step, you can choose to continue filling in with one plain color or try something different. You could opt for a pink or purple heart instead.

6. I choose to fill in the rest of the beads using a glitter red. You can get a glitter mix of Perler beads to choose from.

While you're adding them on, you can't tell much difference between these and the solid red shades. However, once your design is complete and ironed, you get a lovely translucent effect where you've used these.

Unfortunately you don't really see the flecks of glitter unless you've used them along the edge of a project. But they give a nice effect when done.

7. An adult must iron the completed pattern using the special ironing paper which is included in most of the Perler kits and sets. You need to follow the manufacturer's own guidelines for that.

But when you're done you'll have a sweet Key to My Heart themed set that you can gift to your loved one this Valentine's day or for any other romantic and sweet occasion.

I hope you love this idea as much as I do. Once the bead patterns have been completed and fused together with the heat of an iron, you can use them as decorative handmade keepsakes or turn them into something with a little more function such as a necklace, hanging ornaments, magnets or brooch pins.

If you love making your own cards, these could form the main embellishments on the front using a strong card weight to hold the designs in place.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. Feel free to leave me a comment below and do share this project with your crafting friends too.

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  1. I just love this!! It's so classy looking. I'm going to make some Perler projects with my niece tomorrow night. I'm pinning this! Thanks so much for Linking Up at Craft Therapy Thursday at P.S. I Love You Scrapbooking. The new link party started today. I hope you will come join us!

  2. Thank you so much, Pam. Hope you have fun with the perler bead projects - sounds like a lot of fun :) I will be joining in with your new linky party soon too.


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