How to Make a Felt Brooch Pin Tutorial

Many small felt crafts, both flat ones and plushies, can be turned into wearable pins rather easily. Find out how to make a felt brooch pin with this easy tutorial.

There are loads of things that you can do with your handmade felt crafts. One option which I love is to turn them into wearable brooch pins to really add some personality to your outfit. You can also attach them onto fabric bags as a unique accessory.

It really it isn't difficult to create felt brooches. However, you really do need to plan ahead because the clasps need to be sewn into the back of your project as you make it.

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How to Make a Felt Brooch Tutorial: Turn Your Plushies into Wearable Pins

How to make a felt brooch pin tutorial, turn your small felt crafts into wearable pins

Ever wondered how to make a brooch pin that you can wear from your latest small felt plush or craft? This tutorial shows you how to turn any of your projects into this fun wearable.

⭐ Most felt projects which are smaller than your hand can be made into wearable brooches to dress up any plain outfit with color and detail. If it is much bigger than hand size, you may need to rethink what you will do with the item.

Note: This page is not showing you how to make a particular felt brooch pin design, it is showing you the actual process.

After reading through this, you will know exactly how to turn any small felt design or plushie into a cute brooch.

Step 1: You Need Front and Back Pieces for Your Felt Brooch Pin

Front piece side of cupcake felt brooch

Even if you are making a flat felt brooch (instead of a plush stuffed one) you really must have both a front and a back piece.

Having both a front and a back piece to your design means that you can sew your brooch pin clasp directly onto the back piece so that the front remains unspoiled.

In the case of this cupcake design which I'm using as a demonstration of the technique, you need your completed front piece which has all the sewing and decorations on. Then you need a plain felt piece for the back which you will sew the clasp onto.

Step 2: Positioning the Bar Pin Back Clasp

Felt shape with pin back clasp on it

The usual clasps that you will need to turn felt items into brooches are known as bar pin backs and also pin back clasps. These metal clasps are a thin rectangular shape and they come with convenient holes to sew through.

⭐ You can also use safety pins instead of the pin back clasps but, I'll be honest, they really don't look as professional which is more important if you are choosing to gift or sell your finished felt items.

Lay the clasp on to the reverse side of the back piece of your felt. In the case of my demonstration item, this is a plain piece of felt which is shaped to match the front cupcake.

These Clasps are the Type You Need to Make Felt Brooch Pins and They Come in Handy Assorted Sizes

Shappy 100 Pieces Bar Pins Brooch Pin Backs Safety Clasp with Plastic Box, 4 Sizes 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 38 mm (Silver)100 Pieces Bar Pins Brooch Pin Backs Safety Clasp with Plastic Box, 4 Sizes 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 38 mm

Before you start to fix the clasp into place, it helps to think about the positioning of it first. You might think to place the clasp in the middle of the felt which works in some situations.

If your brooch is large or heavy, however, it will sag forward unattractively when you wear it - if you place the clasp in the middle. I place mine in the middle but slightly nearer the top of the design as shown.

Step 3: Starting to Sew the Pin Back Clasp

Sewing pin back clasp onto the back piece of a felt brooch

Choose a thread color which matches up closely to the color of the felt that you're sewing the clasp to. You can use floss providing that the clasp is sewn on very well although polyester thread would be a stronger choice of thread.

I like to double my thread over and then start sewing through one of the holes on the clasp to attach it to the felt. Make sure to keep all knots at the back of this felt piece for neatness.

I've seen some examples of clasps that have been glued to the back of handmade brooches or poked through cut holes in the felt. Neither of these options ultimately look very professional which is why I'm not demonstrating them.

Step 4: Finish Attaching the Brooch Pin Clasp

A hand sewn pinback clasp on cream felt backing fabric

I sew through all the holes of the clasp, top and bottom, to fix it securely to the felt. My bar pin backs have 3 holes to sew through. Yours may be slightly different.

Assorted Safety Pins Can Work as Brooch Pins as Well

Dritz 1480 Assorted Safety Pins with Storage Box Safety Pins with Plastic Storage Box, Assorted - 100CountHemline H410.99 Nickel Hardened & Tempered Safety Pins 27,34,38,46mm 32pk In Box

If you are sewing a safety pin on instead, which is fine for a homemade item you'll wear yourself, you would sew tightly over the shaft of the safety pin to secure it in place.

To neaten it up slightly afterwards, you can cut a small piece of matching felt and sew this neatly over the safety pin shaft.

Step 5: Sew Around Your Front and Back Pieces

Stitching edges of cupcake felt brooch pin handmade

When the brooch pin is in place, you can sew the front and back pieces of your felt design together.

For a flat felt item, you'll just sew right round the entire thing. To make a plush felt brooch pin, you must only sew part way round so that you can stuff it. I normally recommend sewing half to three-quarters of the way round before starting to fill the plushie.

In this particular example, I'm sewing just around the pink top with a blanket stitch before I start to add in some fiber fill.

Step 6: Stuff the Plush Brooch With Fiber Fill

Adding fiber fill stuffing inside a homemade felt plushie

Start to stuff the part sewn plushie with some fiber fill. Take small amounts of the fiber fill stuffing and push them carefully into the brooch to pad it out gradually.

Once you've padded out as much as you can, you can continue sewing around your item. Backstitch is a very strong stitch ideal for sewing together the edges of brooch pins although it doesn't look as neat on the back as blanket stitch. Adopt a stuff and sew technique where you stuff a bit then sew a bit.

Step 7: Finish Padding Out the Plush Brooch Pin

Stuffing the last section of a handmade felt design plush

You can see in this photo that I am finishing the last part of the sewing with this brooch pin adopting the stuff and sew technique. Make sure it is all padded out well before making those final stitches to finish off.

Step 8: Showing the Reverse Side of the Finished Brooch

The reverse side of the homemade felt brooch pin design

This photo gives you an idea of what the reverse side of your felt plush brooch pin may look like. Once sewn, you have the clasp neatly on the back.

Pink and brown felt and fabric cupcake brooch pin with button and bead details

This is one of my finished felt cupcake brooch pins made from a combination of felt and fabric. Buttons and beads have been added for extra detail and interest.

You can get an idea on sizing by the way in which it fits inside the palm of my hand.

Black and gray felt handmade Scottish Terrier dog design plush

This is one of my Scotty dog designs. It is worked in a simple but effective combination of black and gray felt with a little gold bell and red bow detail which help the design to pop.

Felt Brooch Pins Make Great Accessories

Felt brooches make wonderful accessories with which you can use to jazz up even the plainest outfit. They can add color, interest and sheer personality to your clothes. Use them to dress up a plain sweater, coat, shirt or dress that you are wearing.

They can even be used to cover over parts that you don't like in your clothing such as a small stain or some aspect of your top that you simply don't like.

⭐ If you're on a tight budget then making and wearing your own unique felt brooch designs can make your outfits look different and unique. You can get away with wearing the same top much more often just by swapping out your brooch pin for another one.

Have a go at making your own felt brooch pin because they are pretty easy to make and you can choose any design that you want. Show off your love of animals, flowers, color, design and more with a fun wearable pin and impress your friends.

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