Free Granny Triangle Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Learn how to make a quick and easy granny triangle that you can use for bunting, banners, shawls, blankets and more. Use my free granny triangle crochet pattern and tutorial that comes with step by step photos and simple written instructions that you can easily follow.

Ever since I discovered crochet and taught myself the basics, I've been busy making fun pennant banners and bunting for the home. It is a cute way to quickly add in some color and also texture up on the walls. I've tested lots of patterns but this pattern which makes use of easy double crochet (treble UK) is perfect for newbies.

Double crochet is an easy beginner crochet stitch and you can create designs quickly with it. This free crochet pattern makes use of just the double crochet stitch. This "granny design" creates a soft triangle that is perfect for hanging up as decor. Come see how to make it.

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Free Granny Triangle Crochet Pattern Tutorial Ideal for Banners and Bunting

Free Granny Triangle Crochet Pattern Tutorial Ideal for Banners and Bunting shawls blankets crocheting instruction yarn craft

I've made lots of different triangular shapes in a variety of crochet stitches and styles for decorative pennant banner sand bunting. This free crochet pattern that I'm sharing is the one that I find the quickest and easiest to work up.

The crochet pattern is easy for you to memorize once you understand how it works. No need to constantly refer back to instructions or mark off rows once you've got the hang of the pattern.

Using a double crochet stitch (treble UK) it's quick to work up a reasonable sized granny triangle motif in just 5 rounds. I stick to just 5 rounds but you can make the triangles bigger by repeating the pattern and adding on more rounds.

If you need a shape with perfectly straight edges then this is not an ideal pattern for you. You can still stitch them together to make shawls and blankets but the end result won't be so neat. I happen to like the these slightly curvy triangles which gives a softer and more feminine finished result.

What You Need to Make Granny Triangles: Materials and Tools

Crochet hook size 4mm - 5.5mm. I used a 4.5mm clover amour hook.

Some yarn. I used 5 different colors, one for each row/round, in a standard worsted weight or double knitting weight.

Scissors or clover yarn cutter.

You may need a darning needle to stitch in loose ends at the back. I crocheted mine in as I went along and snipped any extra bits off.

Round 1: Making a Circular Base for the Crochet Granny Triangle

The first part of making this shape requires making a circle. This gives us a nice sized area to work around and, from this, you gradually form the triangular shape.

So apart from needing to know double crochet as a stitch (dc US and treble tr UK) you will also need to know how to crochet in the round.

I've added in an excellent video tutorial above to help you with this crochet in the round method in case you are not familiar with it. This will walk you through a couple of easy techniques for doing this. If you do a lot of crochet, you'll come across this technique often.

The Instructions for Round 1:

Starting off beginning granny crochet triangle pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Start off by casting on and making a chain 4 loop so that you can work in the round.

What this means in more simple terms is: chain 4 (ch4) then insert your crochet hook back down into the first chain that you made and slip stitch (ss) into it to create a circular chain.

Alternatively, you can make a magic ring to work your crochet stitches into instead.

1) Now you have your circle or ring, chain 4. See my photo above for what this looks like.

First round 1 1st granny triangle crochet pattern instructions

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

2) Double crochet dc (tr UK) into the middle of the ring, then chain 1. Repeat this another 7 times and your crochet should look very similar to my photo above.

You should be able to count 9 vertical bars where you have worked the dc around the middle of the circle and you can see that the chain 1's have formed spaces in between these bars.

3) Fasten off this round by slip stitching (ss) into the 3rd chain of your initial chain 4 that you made in step 1. The first round is complete and you should have made a circle.

If you get stuck on this please refer to the video I added above that does walk you through how to make a circle and how to fasten off.

Round 2: Working DC US in the Chain Spaces

Round 2 is very easy. It's just lots of dc (tr UK) around the circle which is super fast to work. You need to add in a new color here.

Starting the second round of triangular granny crochet pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

4) Find a chain 1 space. This is the chain spaces you made in-between the double crochet stitches.

I like to start this on the other side to where the tail of yarn is left over from the last color so I can work over this color neatly. Refer to my photo above.

Join with your yarn in any chain 1 space and ch 3. This counts as 1 double crochet stitch. Then make 2 dc in the same chain space. This makes a total of 3 dc stitches in one space and you can see how that looks above.

Finishing the second round of the inside circle crochet

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

5) Make 3 dc stitches in every chain space around the circle. There should be 9 spaces altogether to work into. This will make a crochet circle which you can see in the second photo above.

6) Fasten off by slip stitching ss into the 3rd chain of your initial chain 3 that you made in step 4. This completes round 2.

Round 3: Adding in Corners for the Triangle Shape

This round is where the shape of the triangle starts to take place because you add in the corners as you work around the circle. It's actually very easy to do and also to remember once you've made a few rounds.

7) Choose a color of yarn to work with for the third round. We didn't make any chains back in round 2, so there are no chain spaces to work into. Instead, you need to find a space between a cluster of 3 dc stitches that were worked together.

Forming a crochet corner for bunting banner piece

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Join your new color into this space and ch 3 which counts as the first dc then do 2 more dc in the same space. Now chain 3 and work 3 more dc into the same space to form your very first corner section. You can see this in the photo above.

Working the central area of the granny triangle pattern crochet

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

8) Find a gap between the next cluster of dc stitches from round two (i.e. move on past 3 dc stitches from the previous round) and work 3 dc. Repeat this once more.*

Now your crochet should look similar to my photo just above.

Remember for this round that you are always working between clusters of 3 dc stitches from the previous round.

Crochet: working on 3rd round and adding in corners for triangle

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

9) Find your next gap to work between by moving past 3 dc stitches worked in the previous round and then make your next corner as follows: 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc.

10) Work step 8 up to the asterisk *.

11) Work step 9 again to make your final corner.

12) Work step 8 up to the asterisk *.

Third round completed on triangular crochet piece

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

13) Fasten off this round by slip stitching ss into the 3rd chain of your initial chain 3 that you made in step 7.

Round 4: Adding on Another Row

Now you've formed all the corners of the triangle, the rest of the crochet is very easy. Now you now know where the corners are which is where you work all other corners. The clusters of 3 dc stitches are a lot easier to see now as well for working in-between.

14) Join your new color between any cluster of 3 dc from the previous round except for a corner and chain 3. DC 2 more times into the same space.

Working a different colored round of crochet in red yarn

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

15) Work 3 dc between every cluster space unless it is a corner space. For corner spaces follow step 16 instead.

16) Work into corner spaces as follows: 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc.

Triangle crochet granny square style double stitches different colors free pattern instructions

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

17) When you get to the end of the round fasten off by slip stitching ss into the 3rd chain of your initial chain 3 that you made in step 14.

Round 5: Finish Off!

A completed crochet granny triangle section ideal for bunting and pennant banners free instructions tutorial

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

All other rounds you choose to add are worked in exactly the same way as round 4.

I make just 5 rounds which personally I feel is big enough for banners and bunting but you decide how many rounds you want to add. You can make all kinds of color combinations.

I've added tassels to mine which you can see back at the start of this page. The tassels add more movement and stop your motifs from looking just flat.

See My Step by Step Yarn Tassel Tutorial Here

Once you've got the pattern in your head, they are so quick and easy to make up. I like squares too for cushions and blankets. Granny patterns are so fast to make.

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