Free Felt Easter Bag Pattern With Bunny Rabbit Design

Felt bags are so easy and quick to sew up for any occasion. This cute felt Easter bag pattern features a free bunny applique motif that you can use and also features my own Spring bird and tulip flower applique designs.

Enjoy this photo tutorial which shows you how to create your own simple felt bag designs. The bags feature felt motifs on the front which make use of my free bunny rabbit pattern.

Use your handmade bags to hold small Easter gifts such as wrapped chocolate, candy, little toys, hair accessories or something you've made. Alternatively, plump these bags out with fiber fill for a sweet Easter display.

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Free Felt Easter Bag Pattern With a Cute Spring Bunny Rabbit Design

Felt Easter bag pattern tutorial with free bunny rabbit applique design Spring bags handmade DIY favor bags to sew yourself quick and easy

Learn to make easy to sew felt bags by hand that can be used to hold small Easter treats and gifts. These are a quick and fun make.

What You Need to Make These Free Felt Easter Bag Designs

Acrylic or wool felt in your chosen colors
Embroidery floss or threads
Sewing needle, scissors, sewing pins
A temporary fabric marking tool
Ribbon to tie the felt bags
Optional accessories: buttons, ribbon bows
The Free Bunny Pattern: Visit my Sellfy store and download your free pattern HERE today.

free bunny template pattern from

Note: I also used the applique motifs from my Spring Candle Mat pattern. You can use any small Spring and Easter themed motifs for this project.

Step 1: Marking Out the Rectangular Felt Bag

Lining the rectangular bag pattern up with the folded edge of the felt on the bottom

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Print off and cut out the 5 x 6 inch pattern template included with the free bunny motif design or measure and draw your own rectangle onto paper or card.

You will need a piece of felt that measures at least 5 x 12 inches to make each bag. Alternatively, two felt pieces measuring 5 x 6 inches will work but you will need to sew across the bottom edge as well.

Fold your felt piece in half so you have at least 6 inches top to bottom when folded and try to line up the edges.

Pop the rectangular template on top of the felt, lining the bottom of the template with the folded bottom of the felt. If you can line up one edge and the top as well, there is less marking and cutting to do.

Mark around your template with a temporary fabric marker. I just needed to draw a line down the left side of the pattern because I was using a felt sheet that was already 12 inches tall.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Felt Bag Shape

Pinning to secure the pieces and then cutting the felt bag to size

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Once you've marked out the pattern of the bag shape on your felt, pin the felt together as shown.

Pinning means that you can cut out the bag pattern more accurately. If you don't pin and the felt moves as you cut it, the front and back pieces of your bag won't match.

Cut out your bag shape from the felt. I was lucky and only had to cut along one line. Keep the pins in the bag section for now but remove the pins on any leftover offcuts of fabric.

Step 3: Tracing Around the Free Easter Pattern

Tracing around the free pattern to create a pink felt Easter bunny rabbit motif

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

You can use any small motif to decorate the front of your Easter bag. All you need to remember is that you need plenty of space at the top of the bag design to tie ribbon round so you can close it.

I am using my free Easter bunny pattern. Visit my Sellfy store to download your free bunny pattern today.

Print off the bunny design and trace around it with a temporary fabric marker such as a water soluble fabric pen. See how to transfer patterns for cutting out here.

Step 4: Attaching the Easter Bunny Motif to the Bag Front

Pink felt Easter bunny rabbit free applique motif hand basted onto cream backing fabric ready to sew

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Use a pin to mark where the bottom fold of the bag is, pushing the pin through the front layer of felt only. Now you can unfold your bag design so you can start adding your felt applique motif to the front.

There are 3 parts to the bunny rabbit design: the main section, an extra ear and a circle for the tail. I cut the extra ear (which slots just behind the main bunny design) and tail from a slightly different shade of pink felt.

Position the bunny near the very bottom of the bag front - just above the pin which marks the bottom fold.

I like to baste everything down with white sewing thread. I find this process quick and easy and it secures all the parts before they get stitched down. You can pin, staple or use another method to temporarily secure your felt pieces in place.

Step 5: Stitch the Felt Applique Motifs to the Bag Fronts

Spring and Easter felt applique motif patterns bunny bird and tulip flower hand sewn onto bag fronts

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Once the motifs are temporarily secured, you can start to sew them down into position.

I sewed blanket stitch (4 threads of embroidery floss) all around the bunny edges except for the round tail and the ears which are left to flap freely.

Around the inside edges of the circle tail, I used 2 strands of floss with a backstitch. I then sewed a button eye onto the bunny. You'll see in the next photo that I added on a fancy ribbon bow to his neck too.

The yellow chick and purple Tulip flower designs both come from my Spring candle mat pattern. They are sized to work just brilliantly across the front of the felt bags too.

Step 6: Sewing Up the Sides of the Felt Easter Bags

Felt Easter bag patterns hand sewn Spring designs Bunny Rabbit Tulip flower and Yellow bird chick

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Once you're done with sewing the motifs to the front of your felt bags, line up the sides and top edges and pin in place.

I choose to make a feature of the stitching on the sides of the bags by using colorful embroidery floss to match each motif.

Sew a quick and easy running stitch along the sides with 4 strands of embroidery floss. Running stitch should be secure enough and can look as neat on the back as the front. You can use another stitch if you prefer.

The Completed Felt Easter Bags With Free Bunny Pattern

Felt Easter bags pink bunny spring chick and tulip flower design patterns tied with ribbon and displayed in a basket

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

When done, fill up your Easter bags with small treats and gifts. You can secure them by tying ribbon in a bow across the top edge.

With the bunny design, I instructed not sewing the ears down so that you can fasten the ribbon bow behind the ears. This makes a neat feature of the bunny ears on this design.

free bunny template pattern from

Enjoy your free felt bags pattern. These make great re-usable bags for Easter parties, Spring birthdays and more. You can use them as cute favor bags too and they will last for a long time.

Alternatively, fill them with stuffing and just have them out for a pretty Spring themed display. Now match this bag up with my Easter Bunny Card tutorial for a coordinating set.

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