How to Use Hunkydory Little Books for Quick Cards and Notecards

Hunkydory is a UK based craft company that is my absolute favorite. They do ship to other countries and, if yours isn't a country that they currently ship to, and you can also get a selection of their products via Amazon and eBay.

Today I'll be showing you how to use Hunkydory Little Books to make some very quick and lovely handmade cards as well as notecards. The Little Books are a dream to use and make card making very quick and easy. Ideal for beginner crafters and experienced ones too.

Hunkydory's Little Books range is fabulous with themed images printed onto good quality paper and set into a handy little pad ready to tear off and use. Because there are repeats of each image, you can use these for 3D decoupage and also for making sets of card such as notecards.

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How to Use Hunkydory Little Books to Make Very Quick Handmade Cards and Notecards

How to Use Hunkydory Little Books to Make Very Quick Handmade Cards and Notecards

Hunkydory's Little Books are pads with 144 tearaway pages full of beautiful printed images which are sized perfectly for making your handmade cards with. The pads come in square (designed for 5 x 5 inch and larger cards) and rectangular sizes for 4.5 x 6 inch and larger cards. Sizes are given on the product pages.

There are normally 6 repeats of every design inside each pad which makes them perfect for layering if you love doing 3D decoupage and Papier Tole as I do. I have found the repeated images a bonus too when making sets of handmade notecards. I often make these as gifts to give to family and friends.

What You Will Need to Make Your Own Quick Handmade Cards

A Hunkydory Little Book from the website, Amazon or eBay
Some card blanks to fit the images from your Hunkydory Little Book
Adhesive, I like double-sided tape
Glitter glue as an optional embellishment
Any further embellishments of choice such as ribbon bows, rhinestones, stickers and die cuts

Step 1: Choosing Images from Your Hunkydory Little Book

The little book of gardening Hunkydory with bird scene pictures for card making handmade notecards craft

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

To show you just how quick it is to make gorgeous looking cards using Hunkydory's Little Books range, I'm going to demonstrate making a very quick set of handmade notecards.

Sometimes I will make sets of cards to gift to family and friends. Alternatively, I will make a set and use them myself when I'm writing thank you cards, get well cards or little notes to say hello.

I send rather a lot of cards out each year so making multiples makes a lot of sense to me. You may prefer to make just one card at a time. However, it is almost as quick and easy to make a set of 5 or 6 cards as it is to make 1 when you are using the Little Books images as your base.

The Hunkydory Little Book of Gardening is full of wonderful images of garden scenes and birds and I like this one because it has images suitable for men, women and children in it. I picked a pretty bird design to use.

Step 2: Stick Your Chosen Design onto a Card Blank

Stick Your Chosen Design onto a Card Blank with double sided tape adhesive roller

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Make sure that your card blank is a little bigger than the actual design. This should be easy since Hunkydory now make the Little Books designs so that they come up a fraction smaller than regular card blanks. This makes it quick to tear a design off and stick it in place without the need to crop it.

For individual cards where I am spending a lot more time on each one, I will normally layer up designs onto a coordinating color of card first which adds in some more dimension.

A quick trick to get the look of added dimension to your design without adding much more work or time is to ink around the edges with a quick drying ink pad. I use Memento Dew Drop inks from and which come in small sized pads.

Stick your design onto the front of your card blank. For speed, use a double sided tape adhesive roller. For accuracy over placement, I advise using my own double-sided tape mounting technique.

If you are making more than one card at a time, repeat to stick down all your designs onto the card blanks. Batch crafting goes quicker when you stick to one task at a time and repeat it however many times you need.

Step 3: Add on Appropriate Sentiments With Stamping, Die Cuts or Stickers

Adding a Hello die cut word to a handmade card notecard with Quickie Glue pen

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

You can skip this step but part of making cards more personal is to add some kind of word or sentiment to the front. Even if making a whole batch of cards, I will normally add general sentiments to them such as Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thank You or Hello to the front.

Putting sentiments on to match with the image or design on the card means that I always have a card ready to send out for pretty much any occasion. I make sure to bulk make cards I send often such as Thank You cards and general birthdays. Special birthday cards I will make individually and spend more time on.

Sizzix Thinlits sentiments set for adding common greetings words to handmade cards

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

I really love my set of Sizzix Thinlits which I can use to die cut common sentiments from in colors to match my cards using my Sizzix Big Shot. I can no longer find this particular set available to buy which is a real shame as it is one of my most commonly used die sets.

When die-cutting, I recommend cutting all the phrases out first that you need and then sticking them into place with a fine glue pen such as Quickie Glue at and

Alternatively, you can stamp greetings onto your cards. Having a stamping platform makes it super easy these days and quick to place stamps exactly where you want them over your card designs. Make sure to use quicker drying inks if speed is a priority and you don't want to risk smudging your cards.

Another easy option and a little quicker than the previous two is to use sticker sentiments. Peel-off stickers are just perfect for this and you can find out all about those on my using peel-off stickers page.

Step 4: Adding Final Touches to the Hunkydory Little Books Design

Adding pink glitter glue to the bird design by Hunkydory Little Books Little Book of Gardening

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

To add a little more of a handmade look to each card, I will add on final touches which are often things like ribbon bows stuck with glue dots, flat backed rhinestones and gems, fabric and paper flowers and glitter glue.

Stickles is my favorite brand of glitter glue and I've tried loads of makes including Tonic Nuvo glitters. Nothing beats Stickles for me.

However, a cheaper option and one that is certainly good enough for when making cards in bulk are these Glitz It Glitter Glues by DoCrafts available at and You can buy a whole set of colors and they have fine nibs for easy placement. I use these as my everyday glitter glues and Stickles only for special cards.

Whatever you do, make sure to use the glitter glue as the very last option so that you can then leave all your card designs somewhere to dry. I normally leave mine to dry overnight to ensure they are truly dry.

Finished Hunkydory Little Books Card Designs

Thank you handmade card design Hunkydory Little Books Bird flowers gardening Spring notecard yellow blue white

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

This design bird and flower design from one of the Hunkydory Little Books is easy to make into a quick Thank You card with the simple addition of a Thank You die cut sentiment and some glitter.

Of course it also posts as a flat card so is mailed out by the cheapest post option too. These were so fast and easy to make as a whole set of thank yous.

Set of finished Hunkydory Little Books notecards Spring bird design pink

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

When gifting a set of notecards, I will normally bundle a small set of 6, 10 or 12 together (mixed selection or a set of the same) and wrap wide ribbon or paper around the middle as I have done here. A piece of sticky tape on the back holds the ends together.

Once held together the set of cards can be popped into an envelope or paper bag ready for gifting. I try not to use many plastics these days but you also have the option of clear cello bags.

Example of a spring Easter flowers wrapped set of Hunkydory notecards cards die cut wrapper

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Another example of wrapping a set of notecards together is this Spring Easter design. I used a lacy die cut border cut from blue card and wrapped this around the set. It was stuck at the back using sticky tape.

On the front of the wrapper, I used a Hunkydory topper and then finished off with a little from me to you stamped tag dangling off the wrapper with ribbon.

This should have given you some ideas on just how fast and easy it is to make pretty looking cards using Hunkydory Little Books. And not only can you make one card with ease but you can make several in one go which is almost as fast.

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