22 Sep 2016

How to Make a Paper Mache Glue Mix at Home

DIY papier mache glue and recipe homemade with flour

Paper or Papier Mache, as it is also known, requires a significant amount of glue, even for fairly small craft projects. You can use adhesives that are ready made and mix them with a little water to thin them to the desired consistency or you can make your own DIY paper mache glue mixes at home.

The benefits of making your own versions are that it lowers the cost of this paper craft significantly. It also means that you can make up non-toxic pastes that should cause no harm if they happen to be accidentally consumed by a child. This post explains how to use ready made mixes of adhesive as well as making your own. Included is a recipe for homemade glue with the ratio of ingredients needed.

3 Sep 2016

Pretty Bird Rubber Stamps for Card Making

Using bird rubber stamps for making cards, scrapbooking and paper crafts

One theme that I tend to revisit again and again with my crafting, is that of birds. I am a keen backyard watcher of these charming creatures and from there I can get lots of inspiration and ideas from our charming feathered friends. If you buy only just one very good quality rubber stamp that you like or a themed set even, you can really enjoy no end of hours sat paper crafting, making cards, doing scrapbooking and more.

I really loved the design featured here in the photo above and it is one  I keep coming back to for my cards and crafts because I love it so much. This one is of a European bird and the stamp is called Blue Tits on Summer Jasmine. You would probably find it hard to get hold of the exact same design although eBay would be a good bet. However, why not choose one based on what you love to look at. I hope you see something that you really love here today and I'll also give you tips on using a bird theme in your own crafting. So let's take a look.

17 Aug 2016

12 Ways to Use Marrow Vegetables

what to do with a vegetable marrow glut

It's almost autumn and the marrows are growing thick and fast now in the vegetable garden. These super sized cucurbits come from the same family as courgettes, cucumbers, melons, squash and pumpkins. This beast of the vegetable plot has a bad reputation and has largely gone out of fashion thanks to cooks using the same old methods of stuffing them with beef mince. This is a shame because there are loads of really tasty and innovative ways to use up a glut of marrows.

Many recipes that you find for courgettes will also work well for marrows too. The main difference, in terms of taste, is that marrows have a harder outer skin and a more watery flesh which does not have much in the way of flavour. The skin is edible but you will probably prefer to remove it since it is tough. A marrow also has large seeds inside which you can also eat but are normally scooped out and removed depending on the recipe. Here's loads of recipes and ideas on what to do with a vegetable marrow which may make you wish you'd grown more!

31 Jul 2016

CraftyMarie Growing in July 2016

growing in july with craftymarie

July was a busy time in the garden. The mangetout and runner beans were in full swing and growing as fast as we could eat them. The summer squashes were starting to produce and we ate the first of the small tomatoes. It was a month of sowing, growing and harvesting galore. Come see the photo highlights along with my tip of how to grow slug free lettuce.

20 Jul 2016

Pretty Butterfly Embellishments for Card Making

butterfly embellishments for papercrafts

These beautiful and colorful, flying bugs add in a real touch of elegance and glamour to all paper crafted greeting cards and projects. So much so that it's no real wonder why so many people choose butterflies as themes for special occasions such as weddings because they always look so pretty. You can buy a large range of ready made embellishments or you can make some of your own DIY versions using different techniques such as rubber stamping, die-cutting or punching.

As soon as spring is on the horizon, I get busy making butterfly crafts such as handmade cards for birthdays, thank you's, anniversaries and also projects around the home. I love creating cute and colorful projects and using these adorable insects as inspiration never fails to disappoint. Come and get ideas on different ways of adding these wonderful embellishments into your very own crafting projects.