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Easy Free Sunburst Granny Square Crochet Pattern

I've stuck to a simple and easy free sunburst granny square crochet pattern that is fast to work up. It uses just basic stitches that are much more friendly for those of us who haven't been crocheting all that long. And it doesn't pack in so many stitches like some sunburst patterns do that make each granny square take an age to finish. The completed squares are perfect to turn into a throw, blanket or cushion. The pattern looks impressive though it is pretty easy to make.

Sunburst granny squares are a joy to crochet. They are ideal for using up scraps of yarn since you can change colors every round if you wish. I used yarn scraps in bright colors for the circular centers and then picked a neutral gray for the final two rounds so the circles would really pop. These ones are fast to crochet. I sat and made all my circles up first before working on the square part of the pattern. This made it incredibly quick.  

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