21 Jan 2017

Fun and Easy St Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

st patrick day craft kids

A real hands on approach to learning about Saint Patrick's Day for young children is to give them some fun crafts and activities to enjoy. Having a variety of easy to make and do crafts, especially ones that you’re not going to end up having to complete yourself, is a real bonus. The St Patrick Day crafts for kids on this page are easy and fun to do, quick to make and educational at the same time.

These are ideal activities for people who care for children as well as both educators and teachers to use. This is a really wonderful way to learn and discover more about Ireland, the Irish culture and all of its folklore and its mythology with the super lucky leprechauns and their famous and prized pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

14 Jan 2017

Sweet Origami Heart Ideas for Valentine’s Day

black and pink paper heart design folded origami

Just in time for your Valentine's Day crafting sessions are two pretty cute paper folded origami heart tutorials that I want to share with you. There are also lots of ideas on how you can use these pretty designs once you've made them up. One is to make your own set of mini envelopes which you can use to hold some small love letters and the other is to make up some easy to fold hearts from paper.

Both of these projects are simple and fast to do. One is specifically designed to be easy enough that kids can make it and is also particularly ideal to be made by someone who hasn't done any origami or paper folding before. The second is a little more challenging but creates more of a wow factor once done. Both come with step-by-step instructions with photos that you can follow along to.

7 Jan 2017

Leprechaun Paper Plate Craft Activity

Green leprechaun paper plate craft St. Patrick's Day activity kids

This leprechaun paper plate craft is ideal for St. Patrick's Day crafting. It is an easy and fun activity to do with younger kids and can teach them about shapes, colors and different materials. The items that you need are inexpensive and they are readily available which makes it a good group activity. Since not everyone has a printer they can use to create a template, I show you how to make this leprechaun paper plate without the need to use a printed pattern.

Turn the finished leprechaun design in to a cool looking mask for St. Patrick's Day when it is ready - just make some holes for the eyes and tie on a length of elastic to fit it around the child's head. My daughter enjoyed hers as a homemade hanging decoration which she thought was nice and cheerful for her play room wall. Have fun making this lucky Irish motif.

1 Jan 2017

Make a Heart Garland with Free Printable Heart Templates

DIY craft make heart banner from felt

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to make a heart garland from felt fabric that I could then hang across my daughter's fireplace. The fireplace is a chalk-white color and I knew that a cute little hanging decoration would really finish it off well as part of her bedroom decor. Although I can stitch by hand and machine and enjoy lots of sewing crafts, I wanted a DIY project that was quick and easy to make. I came up with one that requires the absolute minimum of sewing. Alternatively, you can skip any stitching and just stick to glue instead for a no-sew option.

Felt is an ideal fabric to use for garlands, bunting and banners because it is a fairly tough material and long-lasting. It makes for a much more permanent decoration than paper. Since the edges of it do not fray, it is easier to work with than most other fabrics and requires no hemming. You can see how I made this garland design in less than an hour.

23 Dec 2016

St Patrick's Day Perler Beads: Fun Designs to Make

Saint Patrick's Perler beads Irish Hama fused beads

A quick and easy activity for St. Patrick's Day is to make some fused bead designs. Perler beads, or Hama as the European version, are great for children and adults. So this is a craft that is ideal as a family session and activity. These St Patrick's Day Perler beads include many Irish themed patterns and motifs including a leprechaun's hat, a rainbow, pot of gold, shamrock, cross and Ireland's flag. You can make up these patterns in school, at home and at scouting and club activities.

Younger children from age 4 and up can make use of the larger beads and pegboards which are easier for them to work with: these are called the Biggie Beads in the Perler range and Maxi Beads in the Hama range. My daughter used these larger versions since she was 3 with my supervision and went on to the standard range when she was 7. Enjoy these designs of St Patrick's Day fused beads.