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This Month's Featured Craft Post

101 Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults for 2018

WOW! I've just finished putting together this massive resource page filled with my favorite 101 Valentine's Day crafts for adults. After the hectic pace of the busy seasons before, I'm more than ready to sit down and enjoy some relaxed time for fun crafting.

Do you get sick, like I do, of finding great looking crafty ideas on sites like pinterest only to find that the page no longer exists or is on a page that has no actual tutorial or instructions? All 101 of these Valentine's Day crafts have been checked by me. They are absolutely the best Valentine crafts I found available at the start of 2018.

Crafting for this occasion comes at a great time of year. I stay indoors more so get more crafting done. Join me in beating those winter blues by making some crafts filled with lots of hearts and love instead. 101 of them to be exact!

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