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This Month's Featured Craft Post

Fun Crafty Things to do for Halloween

Although I'm somewhat late to the party this year, I have some really fun crafts and creative tutorials and freebies I want to share with you for the Halloween season. So it's easily digestible, I'm splitting this up into 3 main sections which include decorating, dressing up and food. While I have written stacks of articles on this time of year because it is a favorite time, I'm not going to bombard you with all of the posts I've written but pick out the key things that we've done for this year.

Normally, I like to start crafting at least 3 months in advance for a big occasion like this however this year I've had some major set-backs online with sites I write for closing down and having to move articles and re-edit them etc, so I haven't done quite so much. However, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy what I have got and have fun with it. You can also let me know in the comments how your own spooky crafts are going and what you're working on becau…

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