17 Aug 2016

12 Ways to Use Marrow Vegetables

what to do with a vegetable marrow glut

It's almost autumn and the marrows are growing thick and fast now in the vegetable garden. These super sized cucurbits come from the same family as courgettes, cucumbers, melons, squash and pumpkins. This beast of the vegetable plot has a bad reputation and has largely gone out of fashion thanks to cooks using the same old methods of stuffing them with beef mince. This is a shame because there are loads of really tasty and innovative ways to use up a glut of marrows.

Many recipes that you find for courgettes will also work well for marrows too. The main difference, in terms of taste, is that marrows have a harder outer skin and a more watery flesh which does not have much in the way of flavour. The skin is edible but you will probably prefer to remove it since it is tough. A marrow also has large seeds inside which you can also eat but are normally scooped out and removed depending on the recipe. Here's loads of recipes and ideas on what to do with a vegetable marrow which may make you wish you'd grown more!

31 Jul 2016

CraftyMarie Growing in July 2016

growing in july with craftymarie

July was a busy time in the garden. The mangetout and runner beans were in full swing and growing as fast as we could eat them. The summer squashes were starting to produce and we ate the first of the small tomatoes. It was a month of sowing, growing and harvesting galore. Come see the photo highlights along with my tip of how to grow slug free lettuce.

20 Jul 2016

Pretty Butterfly Embellishments for Card Making

butterfly embellishments for papercrafts

These beautiful and colorful, flying bugs add in a real touch of elegance and glamour to all paper crafted greeting cards and projects. So much so that it's no real wonder why so many people choose butterflies as themes for special occasions such as weddings because they always look so pretty. You can buy a large range of ready made embellishments or you can make some of your own DIY versions using different techniques such as rubber stamping, die-cutting or punching.

As soon as spring is on the horizon, I get busy making butterfly crafts such as handmade cards for birthdays, thank you's, anniversaries and also projects around the home. I love creating cute and colorful projects and using these adorable insects as inspiration never fails to disappoint. Come and get ideas on different ways of adding these wonderful embellishments into your very own crafting projects.

1 Jul 2016

Beginner Papier Paper Tole Supplies and Tools

Beginner papier paper tole craft supplies tools and equipment

Paper Tole is a wonderful and relaxing paper craft which is also commonly referred to as Papier Tole and 3D Decoupage. If you're new to this fabulous craft or thinking about starting this as a hobby, you will need to find out what tools, equipment and supplies you need. Learn what supplies are necessary so that you can properly get started or advance further on this wonderful paper based craft.

As a crafter who has really enjoyed this particular craft over many years, and who also has a lot of experience with it, I can advise you on exactly what you will need. Let me guide you with good recommendations on what you should buy. One of the most frequent questions I get from crafters is always regarding the type of adhesive that they should use, so I will be covering that first.

20 Jun 2016

CraftyMarie Growing in June 2016

growing in june month of strawberries

June was the month of the strawberries and we really couldn't get enough. Strawberries are like the taste of an English summer. This was also the month of my first cucumber, first mangetout and the very start of the runner beans too. Come and view the roundup photos and highlights from this thriving time of year.