18 Feb 2017

Spring Sheep Card Making Inspiration

lamb sheep spring card making scrapbooking ideas

After Easter and all the flurry of sweet treats that my daughter receives, we like to send out a bunch of thank you cards to friends and family. Springtime newborn lambs and wooly sheep make a pretty cute theme for handmade greeting cards and also scrapbook layouts too if you’re looking to preserve the memories from this time of year.

These sheep and lamb designs came right out from my craft paper stash but you can look for a suitable Spring themed design from scrapbook paper, rubber stamped designs, digital images, stickers, decoupage paper or from a paper folded piece of origami even.

11 Feb 2017

Making Heart Shaped Cookies for a Valentine Treat

Making Heart Shaped Cookies for a Valentine Treat

If you're stuck for some ideas for Valentine's Day (or another romantic occasion) then why not have a go at making up some heart shaped sugar cookies? These are quick and easy to make and can make a lovely little homemade gift to hand out. Just pop in a container or a cello bag tied off with some colorful curling ribbon. I have a good resource page for making up these sweet treats which contains links to my own tutorials which can show you how to make a fun range of yummy edibles.

4 Feb 2017

Basic Sewing Supplies for Beginners: Guide to Items Needed

basic sewing supplies beginners

I've sewn since I was a very young child, first with hand stitching and then later on with machine stitching. I have a very good knowledge of items that are essential for starting out as well as basic sewing supplies for beginners to use.

Selecting some starter sewing supplies and tools can make a really nice gift for someone who is new to this craft, especially if they are to go along with a basket. The main difficulty is in deciding what to get if you do not have much experience of sewing yourself.

Some tools and supplies are dependent on the type of sewing. There are many branches that stem from this wonderful and fulfilling hobby such as embroidery, quilting, patchwork, toy making, garment making and more. Many of the items I've listed are useful across the different specializations.

28 Jan 2017

Heart Shaped Cookies Topped with Red Fondant

red fondant topped heart sugar cookies

Cookies decorated with a fondant icing can look elegant and stylish. The bonus is that they can also be particularly easy to make too. These heart-shaped cookies topped with red fondant are very simple designs to create. They use a type of icing which comes ready-made in a packet for you to roll out.

Fondant icing is like an edible form of Play-Doh and just as easy and fun to work with as well. You can choose red, pink or even purple colors which would look great for Valentine's Day or another romantic occasion. Wow friends and family by making some of these gorgeous sweet treats. They are a perfect expression of your love and your thanks at any special time of year. Perfect to bake up for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, February 14th and sentimental moments.

21 Jan 2017

Fun and Easy St Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

st patrick day craft kids

A real hands on approach to learning about Saint Patrick's Day for young children is to give them some fun crafts and activities to enjoy. Having a variety of easy to make and do crafts, especially ones that you’re not going to end up having to complete yourself, is a real bonus. The St Patrick Day crafts for kids on this page are easy and fun to do, quick to make and educational at the same time.

These are ideal activities for people who care for children as well as both educators and teachers to use. This is a really wonderful way to learn and discover more about Ireland, the Irish culture and all of its folklore and its mythology with the super lucky leprechauns and their famous and prized pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.